A hybrid denture is attached by four or more implants in the jaw, depending on the jawbone size and shape. After the healing of the implants they are connected to abutments (connectors) that can be screwed into a metal framework. The hybrid denture is fixed and does not require removal everyday like regular dentures because it is screw retained into the implants.

A person that has always wanted fixed teeth and are wearing dentures may be a candidate for hybrid fixed detachable dentures. Especially for individuals who are not ready for individual implants for each missing tooth.

Removable dentures tend to feel bulky and are typically very uncomfortable. Hybrid dentures are minimally intrusive and the upper denture leaves the roof of the mouth open. This allows for a natural feel and lets you enjoy the taste of your food more. Hybrid dentures also are more stable and do not move and shift against your jaw ridge. This prevents you from having soreness, which can happen beneath dentures when food and seeds get trapped under.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to long-term success as with any dental replacement. Hybrid denture is made to leave a space between the hybrid dentures and jawbone so you can access underneath the denture for ease of cleaning.